May 23, 2024

7MajorProblemsTo Take Into ConsiderationIn The HomeInspection


I’ve researchedhomeinspectorswithin myareaand I’m confidentover acouple ofchoices, but Iwish to beready todiscussanyproblems thatmayarise. This is alisting ofsomemajorproblemsavailablethroughout ahomeinspectionbased on Dixieland InspectionServicesin Lakeland, FL.

1.    Structure

The building blocks, crawlspace, slab, basement, frame, walls, androofareaspects ofthedwelling. Disasters, poordrainage, settling, andpoorconstructionallcan createproblemshaving a home’s structure. Repairinganystructuralissuescan be quitepricey.

Someindications ofstructuraldamagecouldinclude

•           Doors orhome windowsthat will notcloseoropencorrectly.

•           Drywall or plaster cracks, especiallyarounddoorframes.

•           Cracks inbasementwalls (notespeciallycommoninFlorida, obviously).

•           Bowing ofwalls.

•           Gaps betweenwallsandfloors.

•           Uneven orslantingfloors.

•           Nail pops.

2.    Roof

Allroofswill requirereplacingperiodically. With respect to thekind ofroof (shingle, tile, etc.) and also theweatherin your town, this mayvary from10to4 decades. (A lot of companiesofferwarranties, making thissomethingto check outwhensearchingin a home.) Damagedshinglesoruncoverednailheadsareminorstuff thatare oftenrepaired, but rememberthatdelayedmaintenancemay causemajorproblemsbeneath theroof, for examplewater damage and mold.

3.   Plumbing

A little leakcanwreakhavocifundetectedor unrepaired, particularly ifmildew and moldtakehold. This is not merelybad foryour house, but notparticularlyhealthytoo. Aninspectormay alsocheckto make certainthepipeswould be therighttype. Olderhomesmight have polybutylene pipes, for instance, that arevulnerable tobursting.

4.   Electrical

Oneprevalent problemseenbyhomeinspectorsisn’tgetting GFCI (GroundFaultCircuit Interrupter) outletsset up inareaswithwater, for examplebathroomsandkitchens. Theseoutletsturn offwhenwetlike asafetyprecautionto avoid electrocution. Yourinspectormay alsodeterminein case yourwiringcan becodeand make certainit’ssafe.

5.   Heatingand cooling/Cooling andheating System

Withpropermaintenance, acooling and heatingsystemcan lastas long astwenty years. The houseinspectormight findwhen theductworkisinstalledproperlyandsealedcorrectly. Incorrectlysealedductscanintakethedust and dirt, causingallergic reactions, cloggedfilters, andloss. This couldconsiderablyshortentheexistencefrom theHeating and coolingsystem.

6.   Water Damage And Mold

Water damage and mold can impact every part of the house and could be probably the most costlyproblemto correct, with respect to theextentfrom thedamage. Asformerlynoted, wateranywhereit’s notsaid to becanweakenstructuralelements, causewoodrot, encouragemold, anddrawtermitesalong with otherinsects.

Someindications ofwater damage and moldmight be

 MustyOdorsDuring YourHome.

•           Mold around the Walls, Baseboards, and Caulk.

•           Staining around the Ceiling.

•           Peeling PaintandWallpaper.

•           High WaterBill.

•           Warped orDamagedDrywall.

•           Constant SeemwaterRunningorDripping.

•           Outdated Pipesand Water-Based Appliances.

7.   Termites

Termitescan beclearlyan issueand also thehomeneeds to betreated. If nottreated, termitesmay causestructuraldamage, whichposesa significantsafetyhazard.

Indications of termiteinvasioncan include

•           Blisters inWood Flooring

•           Evidence ofSwarms (discardedwingsleftnearclosedhome windowsanddoorways)

•           Mud Tubes (pencilsizedtubesfound inwhich thestructuremeetsthe floor)

•           Hollowed orBrokenWood (termitesmakesmallholesto removetheirexcrement)

•           Drywood TermiteWaste (moundsof pellets resemblingsawdustorcoffee grounds)

AlthoughI really hopeto notencounterthese issuesafter idiscover theperfecthouse , a minimum of I’ll be ready todiscussall of them withmy houseinspectorandrealtor.

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