July 14, 2024

Treatingwaterwithswimming poolwater


Scoopswimming poolwater granules in to thewaterinside a nonmetal container, followingpackagedirections. Alwaysput ongogglesandrubbermittswhenhandlingswimming poolwater, and try toplace theswimming poolwaterin to the water-don’t pourwaterwithin theswimming poolwater.

Stirfor aroundthirty seconds, and then leaveforhalf an hourto stay.

Switch on thefilter. Reachingasfarinto thecenter of theswimming poolas you possibly can (possibly by sittingon adivingboard), pourtheswimming poolwaterin to thepool. Discardanysedimentleftwithin thecontainer.

Addswimming poolwater3 to 4occasionsper weekfor anypoolinheavyuse.

Fromtime to time-a maximum ofonceper week-you may want tosuper chlorinate (also known asshock) theswimming poolto loseany built-up bacteria, algae, and ammonia. Followingswimming poolwaterpackagedirections, create asolutionforsuper chlorination (it will likely be3 to 5occasionsasstrongnormallyswimming poolwater).

Add some swimming pool watermeans to fixtheswimming poolaftersundown, if at all possible, because the sun’s sun raysbreaklowerswimming poolwater.

Beforeallowinganybodyto get intheswimming pool , testthe rest of theswimming poolwater levelto make certainit’sgonebacklowerbelow3. parts per million. This cantake aminimum ofseveralhrs.

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